Magic Water™ USES

Magic Water™ is the ideal solution to making realistic water dioramas. Anywhere you want there to appear to be water you can use Magic Water™. Ponds, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Harbors, Waterfalls, Swimming pools, Mudpuddles, Carwashes, Street drainage Rapids, Swamps, Quarries, reflecting pools, horse troughs, bathtubs, holding ponds, sluices, drainage ditches, irrigation canals? Whatever Magic Water™ adheres to will appear wet. It will also make an excellent floral setting resin for your silk flowers in that clear vase! Here's a few pictures of some projects we've done during the development of Magic Water™.


The Magic Water™ box contains complete instructions and detailed photo directions for all these projects!


We want to keep you updated on the product as it gains more and more use. The first few years of Magic Water™s existence have been phenomenal. Everyone loves its ease of use and performance. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions about the product or tech help. Thanks so much for your input!


Sincerely, Dave Williams


  • Country Pond

    Country Pond

  • Car Wash

    Car Wash

  • Mudpuddles


  • Bulrushes, Toolies, and Reeds

    Bulrushes, Toolies, and Reeds

  • Ripples and Waves

    Ripples and Waves

  • Waterfall Diorama

    Waterfall Diorama

  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming Pools

  • Something Swampy

    Something Swampy

  • Car in Mud

    Car in Mud

  • Waterfall 2 - Wayne and Madeline's module

    Waterfall 2 - Wayne and Madeline's module

  • Ice Pond

    Ice Pond

  • Island


  • Rapids


  • Rapids 2

    Rapids 2

  • Rapids 3

    Rapids 3

  • Fishin' Hole

    Fishin' Hole

  • Fishin' Hole 2

    Fishin' Hole 2

  • Fishin' Hole 3

    Fishin' Hole 3