Excellent scenery instructions and videos, "Realistic Scenery Volume 2," featuring Magic Water™,  available from Paul Scoles at www.paulscoles.com

Pond Just Freezing

Hello Dave!
A few weeks ago I e-mailed you with questions regarding a pond I was working on.  If you remember, I wanted to show my pond with a “just freezing” effect.  I have to tell you that Magic water was great to work with and I had sooo much fun doing this pond!  I want to thank you for all your step by step instructions that helped me through this project.
Thanks again and have a Very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Ab Fan in England

Hi Dave,
Two words for you on this…………..ABSOLUTELY  FANTASTIC…………You should sell it over here.
Very best regards!

Best By Far

Sorry its been so long , but used your product last week.  What a surprise I got!  “Looks like water”  Easy to mix and use.  It takes a good 24 hours to set.  I’ve tried other products -- EZ Water, Envirotex, Litewater, Watergel.  Have taken out all but one.  Your product is the best !  Others lose color and crack.
Again your product is the best by far!  Will need more at a later date.
Thank You.

Mr Scenery Comments

Your water product has performed well.  I find it much easier to use than Envirotex.  I also like the fact that it does not creep up bankings and sets clear.

Note:  Dave Frary is a very well known modeler and you can find his books and videos, one featuring Magic Water, at his website:  www.mrscenery.com

Deep Water

I find your product to be fantastic with my lakes on my model railroad.  I can layer it over with no problems.  I have never tried Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics, but that only lets you go 1/8” deep, where as your product I can go as deep as I want to.  I think you are going to be the next millionaire with this product.
Thank You.

No Overlapping Line

Dear Sir,
I am doing a large body of water.  When I poured the first layer the water did not make it all the way to the edge.  I thought sure that when I did the next layer there would be a line where it overlapped.  But it did not.  Could not tell where the line was.
Great stuff!