Excellent scenery instructions and videos, "Realistic Scenery Volume 2," featuring Magic Water™,  available from Paul Scoles at www.paulscoles.com

Train Room

We’ve ordered this before from you.  You would appreciate the Train Room my husband is creating.
I’m just amazed no one else has or makes this “Magic Water”.  You should be a millionaire!  Have a great day!

Bad Experience?

Here’s the lone negative letter I have received.  Its not a perfect world.

I don’t usually complain or send responses, but I have to on your product.  Maybe 10 years ago this stuff was good, but that was the messiest stuff and most difficult stuff to use.  I used it and what a freakin mess and really just a horrible product, compared to Realistic Water, or the best Envirotex.
I wish I would have never bought this runny stuff.
Dave Miller

My response:
Dave.  I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the product.  What exactly happened?  Let me know.  I’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy you.  It sounds like you had a leak?
Sincerely, Dave Williams

Dave's response:
Too runny, I really like envirotex.  I think it’s used by more model railroaders, and it’s a lot cheaper.  No big deal.
Dave Miller

Note: Magic Water has only been out since 9/11/05.

Great Stuff

Hi Dave!
Just used my first batches of Magic Water- GREAT STUFF!!
Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I really like your Magic Water.

Worked Like A Charm

Worked like a charm.  Cured crystal clear with no bubbles or any other imperfections.  I followed the directions and found things very easy.  The lake cured in about 27 hours.  I also used the Magician Lake shell.  I was very happy with the products and the outcome.


Hi, just wanted to say this stuff is GREAT!  I used it today and it is Awesome.  I will be ordering more.  Thanks for a great product!!!

First Diorama with Water

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Magic Water™.  The first time I used it there was a leak (my fault).  I was a little worried about pouring another batch over it, but it turned out perfect.  I work with resin a lot so I was expecting that there would be a few bubbles.  I looked through a magnifying glass at the entire surface and I couldn't find any bubbles.  
I'm really impressed with this stuff and I let everybody know about it on the model forums that I'm on.  The shipping was really fast too, thanks for that.
This was my first diorama with water and I’m planning to do a few more.

Model Train Expo

I just wanted to say that I saw you at the Model Train Expo in OHIO back in March, and this product is the BEST I have seen yet.  Great product, not a question, just wanted to say this stuff is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Ribbon Model Railroad Project

First I wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you have.  My sons are in 4-H and joined the model railroad project several years ago.  Each year they are given a square to model anyway they choose.  Every year we struggle with modeling water.  This year was no exception.  We started out with Realistic Water which never fully cured.  We were reluctant to spend the money on your product , but after talking with you, we decided to give it a try.  We painted over the Realistic water and poured the Magic water on top.  It was the best water we have ever modeled!  Your product out performed ANY other product we have tried, and we have tried many!  Thanks you for saving our project!  You helped my son earn a blue ribbon with special merits and win an award for one of the best junior modelers.
Again thank you for making such a great product!


I don’t have a question but I just HAVE to tell you that this is the MOST amazing stuff!!!  I have ordered twice from you, and will be ordering again soon.  The more I use this stuff, the more impressed and amazed I am!!!  It’s WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you for bringing this marvelous product to us!!!

Enjoyed Working with Material

I really enjoyed working with this material and was very pleased with the results the first time.  It’s the best stuff I’ve used.  I tried some of the Woodland Scenic’s stuff that you melt.  It is junk.  I only used a small portion of the bag and was so disappointed that I threw the rest of the bag away.  Will be doing business with you again.