Excellent scenery instructions and videos, "Realistic Scenery Volume 2," featuring Magic Water™,  available from Paul Scoles at www.paulscoles.com

Just Incredible!

Hi Dave,  I just wanted to say that your "MAGIC WATER" is just incredible.  I've used alot of products over the years and i have come to the conclusion that yours is by far the very best.  I think I can speak for most of us that have searched for something where by we could get good and consistent results and I believe your product is the answer. 

Best regards, Frank Buono

as foolproof as it gets

Hi Dave,

Thanks again for the rush job.  The material arrived safe and sound today, so tonight I'll make the next pour.  I just love the stuff.  The first pour worked perfectly yet again!

Magic Water is a great product for simulating water in modeling applications.  I've used the product on half a dozen projects now, and it has performed perfectly every single time.  And whether you choose to tint it or not, I'm pretty sure that as long as you mix the resin and hardener remotely close to the correct ratio, Magic Water is about as foolproff as it gets.  Well done Unreal Details!

Dave Popp Waterford Wi.  Model Railroader Magazine

Have a good week!

Very very Cool!


Although I still have a lot to do as for as adding the details I wanted to write and say Thank You!  Thank you for all the help, guidance, and suggestions along the way.  But even more important than that is Thank You for developing such a great product.  I took all your suggestions, like using Durhams water putty to seal everything and sealing the polycarbonate dam on the front.  As for the water itself...WOW!  Could not have been any easier!  I mixed the 2 batches together at the same time, gently stirring for 10 minutes just to be safe, and then just poured!  Like you said the water filled every nook and cranny!  I had put a stream bed mixture of small pebbles and dirt along the shoreline and the water wicked up it like I had hoped.  Now, like you said, it looks wet due to wave action!  Very very cool!  Very neat end product.  Almost like a medium hardness rubber.  Very neat feel to it.  And I cannot believe how clear it is!

Thanks again, Ken

Worked fantastic

Hi Dave,

Great news!  All of my ponds, streams, and lakes were all hard and not sticky!  Your Magic Water product worked fantastic!  I will highly recommend this to anyone who will build their layout.

Thanks again,

Eric Matz

First time user


I am a first time user of your Magic Water and it6 is the greatest and I intend to use it more.  Thanks for making the product available.


Pics from Jim House

Here's some pics.  For the small water overflow at the rocks I used silicone as you suggested, applying clear gloss coat.  The silicone is much easier to model with better effects than Water Effects.  I have two other waterways in process. You have a great product.

Thanks again for the tips!


Display Souvenirs

Dave:  I'm not a model railroader but Magic Water is great for creating displays of souvenirs.  For example shown are display boxes and paper weights with some of the common but attractive granite stones my wife and I picked up along the Lake Superior shoreline on our recent trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  In the boxes there is a thin layer of Lake Superior beach sand underneath the stones for effect.
Magic Water is a great product and very easy to use.  Your instructions are simply written and easy to follow.  Because of the results of this project, my wife has several more in mind.

Perfect Working Order

Hi!  I’ve tested your product as you asked and it seems to be in perfect working order, it dried clear and bubble free.  It took a little longer than the 24 hours to dry, but think that has more to do with the temperature than anything else.  I hope this assists with your quality control - if you need to know anything else do not hesitate to ask.
Thanks again!  Great product!

Very Little Vermilion River

Hello Dave,
We spoke at the NMRA Fox Valley Div train show, March 15, 2008 at Harper College.
I have some pix showing the ”Very Little Vermillion River” on my HO layout.  It is a pretty plain scene, but one commensurate with my skills.  Ive never done water before and it had been 20+ years since my last layout which never got past the Plywood Pacific stage.  Your product performed just great, as advertised!  I am very happy with my efforts.
Thanks & best regards!

Amazed How Real

Hi Dave!
My lake came out so well, I have ordered two more ¾ gallons of your product so I can redo my moat and riverwith your product.
Magic Water is amazing stuff and with the construction and painting technique you described to me, my family and friends are amazed on how real my lake looks.
Thank you for your help and your great product.