Excellent scenery instructions and videos, "Realistic Scenery Volume 2," featuring Magic Water™,  available from Paul Scoles at www.paulscoles.com

Keep Up The Good Work!

Hi Dave, 

    The Magic Water is just great!  Since I have been using it I have had nothing but success.  Mixing is so important as you state in your examples.  We talked about the Magic Water creeping up the banks when you pour it after ground cover is already finished.  Well I used matte medium (full strength) applied with a small brush.  I applied it up the banks about 3/4" and if you look carefully at the photos you can see that the Magic Water did not creep up the bank at any point.  In looking at all the photos that people send in, you can appreciate how many talented people are doing this kind of thing.  I think you have inspired a lot of people (that would normally not attempt scenery making) by showing them that they can create something in miniature and get positive results.

Keep up the good work Dave!

Best regards, Frank Buono 

Thanks A Bunch!

Hello Sir!

Thanks a bunch!  You rock and you will be receiving more orders from me in the future!  Take care and keep up the fantastic work!

Rick Galindo 9/22/2009

Thanks For The Great Tips


I finally got the water and falls to a point where I can send some pictures.  Thanks for all the great tips and for providing such a great water making product!

John Kaiser 1/3/2010

Great Stuff

Hello Dave,

    I recently finished my first diorama.  I used Magic Water on the display for the rain soaked road.  It was so easy to apply and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I can't wait to start on another project so I can use it again.

Thanks, Jon Sailer

Pierre SD 2/16/2010

Review from Model Railroader Magazine

This is a reader review published in Madel Railroader 7/10/2008

I ran into MAGIC WATER a few years back at a train show.  I kept seeing the same displays plus newer ones at other train shows and they always looked good, as compared to what I used previously.  My previous material got dull and bubbly.  If the display looked good after a couple of years of banging around I figured I'd give the material a try.

I have used MAGIC WATER on top of an existing "other brand".  MW glossed up the surface.  In new areas, the MW was easy to put down.  After more than a year the surfaces all look great - they are still very glossy and look like water.

I also do one other thing and that is add a very small amount of Darico #1151-27 Metallic Fine Silver Glitter to the surface about 24 hours after the MW is poured.  I live right on a lake and the combination of MW and a glitter is most realistic.  Looks just like sparkles off of real waves.

If you want some really good looking water, take a look at Magic Water.

Dept 56 Uses


We love the results that your product produces for us over other products we have tried.  Thanks for the tips as well.

Wendie & Zach Mc Conkey

These folks make platforms for Dept 56 type villages & collectibles.  You can see their work at www.theplatformplace.com

Garden Railroad

Hi Dave,

This is Arlene and Pete sending you some pictures of our railroad almost finished.  I took some pictures of your Magic Water.  We really like how it turned out.  Maybe next year we will make it bigger since weve seen how nice it turned out.  People that came to look at the garden railroad were impressed with the Magic Water.  Thank you so much for all the help you gave us.

Arlene & Pete Pierce

Greatest product


        I first saw and purchased your product at the N Scale Collector convention in Denver in 2007.  I've used it on a couple projects since then and think it's the greatest product for scenery water ever! 


Superior to Envirotex

Theres a product I consider superior to Envirotex and Woodland Scenic's offerings regarding the end results.  Its known as "Magic Water", not very long on the market but quite an improvement over previous products.  No "smell" and no "bubble" problem. And it does'nt move under adverse conditions that some have mentioned.

When it first hit the marketplace a couple of years ago, I ordered some directly from them rather than waiting for it to show up at my LHS.

I have no connection with the company, just appreciate their technological improvement.

Simple to use & looks great!


    I finished up with your water the other day.  It turned out pretty good for my first time.  I think I went a little overboard on the landscaping, but next time I'll do better.  It really was simple to use and looks great!  Thanks for your great product, your personal tips and your enthusiastic support!