Excellent scenery instructions and videos, "Realistic Scenery Volume 2," featuring Magic Water™,  available from Paul Scoles at www.paulscoles.com

Great Product!

Hi Dave; Great Product! I use it to make miniature Japanese gardens in Bonsai pots. Photos attached.

Paul Barker, Googleplex

mw-IMG 1537IMG 1558



Here is the Hallowen scene using Lemax Spoky Town Figures and your Magic water for the ocean - this product is fantastic!!!  I am planning on running a river through the village next.  I am going to add one more gallon of the magic water to the ocean to raise the "shore line"

Kathy Morgan

mw-kathryn morgan

Nothing Else Like It!

Thanks Dave!

I absolutely love your product, there is nothing else like it out there. I tell every hobby shop I go to that your stuff is the best. I like a lot of the Woodland Scenics products, and have used their Water Effects in conjunction with the Magic Water for rapids, waves, etc...for waterfalls, but their water product (not the Water Effects, the water pellets you melt) like yours isn't even close, it has a yellow tint, sets up too fast, is hot, and certainly is not Magic Water.

From reading your insert, etc. I see you like to hear back from customers on things that work for them when using Magic Water...I thought I'd share a few below.

Dr. Ph. Martins Bombay Ink/India Ink is awesome for dying the magic water and comes in a wide variety of colors and is available at most craft/hobby stores...you were right in your directions, it doesn't take a lot of dye, just a couple of drops to get the color you are looking for when shading Magic Water.

I found that if you let Magic Water "set up" for a bit, and then use a small spoon type device that you can actually drizzle it fairly well and get a waterfall effect without having to use another product like Water Effects, or DAP Crystal Clear Silicone, both which work well, but still are not Magic Water. I use a blow dryer set on low as I drizzle the Magic Water down the face of the fall, it helps to tilt it back a bit so it doesn't run quite as fast. I do a lot of outdoor winter scences for my Department 56 village and the colored Magic Water against the white backing of the snow covered mountains is easy to tell and control during this process. Although you had expresed that the pink and blue types of foam work well to held Magic Water, the white variety works as well as long as you use a closed-cell style and for an added measure, I just always paint on a thin coat of Magic Water to create an initial barrier. I use a lot of foam cutting devices that "seal" the foam as they cut/burn, making it water tight for Magic Water.

Anyways...I'm working on a scence for next year's display involving multiple mountain ranges and waterfalls...I'll send you a picture when I'm done.

Thanks again, after doing much much research there is no finer product for achieving realistic looking water displays than Magic Water!


Jeffrey A. Cook  CAA, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal & Athletic Director
St. Clair High School

"90% of the game is 1/2 mental..." Yogi Berra

Saved My Sanity

Dear Dave,  

    I recently bought Magic Water from you on Ebay.  As you recall, I was the one who had tried 4 times with Woodland Scenics product and had ended up with a cracked, sticky toxic dump each time, even after writing to the company and using the product that they sent me as a replacement.  Magic Water, on the other hand, dried perfectly, to a beautiful,. clear and shiny finish.  I decided to make it deeper and, holding my breath, poured another layer.  This too dried perfectly.  I had been reluctant to try 2 part mixtures in the past due to my husbands lung problems but there was no unpleasant odor and no mess.  I mixed it for a full ten minutes by the clock each time, according to your directions.

  I could not be happier.  You saved my sanity and my layout because with just one more failure, both would have been in jeopardy.

Thanks again,

Mary Ellen Millbranth

Fantastic Product!

Hi Dave,  I am Paul from the NSO N scale forum.  I need a little bit more of that fantastic product!  Magic Water is absolutely the best model water I ever used, very easy to handle and the results are just amazing!

Have a great week, Paul Aegerter, Germany


Dear Dave,

    I just wanted to let you know that your product is WONDERFUL!  I got he Halloween diorama finished this last weekend and the swamp is the best part.   Everyone has commented on it.  Ive enclosed a photo.  Thank you so much for your wonderful advice!



Best in the world!

Dear Magic Water,

  Just dropping you folks a quick note and a few photos after using your product.  Absolutely the best product of its type in the world!  easy to use, fast cure time 1 to 2 days depending on thickness of pour, very easy to work when almost cured, and best of all, a final thin coat brushed on wipes out any errors, fingerprints, cat hair, debris etc.  Everyone should try your product, it is superb!

All the best,

Paul Miecznikowski, Pleasanton, California

mw-Paul M

Great Product!

I see you have many more impressive photos than what I am sending you, but we are very pleased with the results of our lake on the Cardon Childrens Hospital RR here in Phoenix.

Thanks again, great product!  Photos just dont catch that magic!


Just Terrific!

Hi Dave,

    That Magic Water is just terrific!  I cannot say enough about it.  If you ever need a reference about your product please dont hesitate to call on me.

Very best regards,

Frank Buono

No Bubbles

Hello Dave!

    I absolutely love your product!!!!  No bubbles, and I can stir to my hearts content knowing that the results are fabulous!

Thanks so much,

Wanda,  Leaf it in Vermont