Excellent scenery instructions and videos, "Realistic Scenery Volume 2," featuring Magic Water™,  available from Paul Scoles at www.paulscoles.com

Hickory Creek Falls

Hi, Dave

Last unobstructed shots of the falls. After 2 years, the bridges are finally going in. Will be laying track soon.

The falls were constructed on .015 clear styrene with partially cured Magic Water, Liquitex gel (cured strips, beads and applied wet), acrylic craft paint and some cotton. The pool splash/foam is a mix of Red Devil clear caulk and partially cured Magic Water, painted with a mix of Liquitex iridescent and acrylic white paint. Everything was then clear coated with Krylon Crystal Clear. Shouldn’t yellow in my life time, and should be easy to keep clean. One of the water drops has a little unnatural bend in it toward the bottom, even with the strip of styrene. Only noticeable when looking straight down on the falls, though. If I had it to do over, I would use .020 styrene for such a long fall (9.5in).


Go to the photo galleries to see Don's photos.

Amazing Results

Strikeforce Hobbies is a full line hobby shop and dealer of Magic Water for North America. In our use of the product we have found it to work each and every time with amazing results. Simple to use with no toxic smell unlike many other products on the market. We fully endorse this product without hesitation. It is by far one of the best products today in the hobby industry when used as directed.

Absolutely Impressed!


I am absolutely impressed with you Magic Water Product. I follow all instructions, usually needing to heat the resin in a plastic bowl in the the microwave first. I add just one drop of Tamiya Clear Blue, the hardener, and mix thoroughly for up to 10 minutes before pouring. Smooth pours, very little bubbles (and even those are gone the next day!), and I allow this a good 72 hours to set up before moving the diorama.
Here are some photos of my last project and the most recent to be completed with surf accents.

First Ever Diorama

Just wanted to say , How Please I am with Magic Water,

I have just completed my first ever Diorama.

I am a big fan of the TV Mini Series Band of Brothers, and have collected some props used in the series.

I wanted to create a Display to show off my M1 Steel Helmet and Dummy Hand grenade.

I decided to incorporate a wet mud base and muddy puddle. I am really Pleased with the result (see Photo)

That Magic Water gave, and have had many comments on how real it looks.

I will definitely use Magic water again, for my next Diorama, as it was easy to use, and the results were fantastic


United Kingdom

Really Pleased

Hi, Dave

I wanted you to see this before I went any further. These angles and lighting won’t be possible after the trestles are in. The water is NOTHING BUT MAGIC WATER. Honest. No WS Effects, are any other clear medium. I will probably spot in some Effects around rocks, here and there just for a rougher, higher look. I’ve found that the WS Effects are good for choppy/rough looks, but only the Magic Water gave that smooth, rolling and true movement look . I modified my ripple/movement technique. Instead of pouring a very thin layer of MW, and then “painting” it around while it set up, I found it easier and more effective to mix up a small amount in a cup, let it set up for about 12-14 hours, then paint it on with a craft stick. I had to keep moving it around for about 2-3 hours, though. It would settle out too much. There’s a point in the technique that the MW cure is too far along, and more stirring/painting starts clouding it and trapping bubbles, not to mention that the stuff gets real sticky. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Great stuff! On to the falls.

Thanks, and all the best to you and yours in 2013.




My husband found this product online and we drove up to Coloma to a train shop to get it.  I was skeptical but was willing to give it a shot. We went small due to not being sure how well it would work for my sons lego model project for the 4H fair this year.  I am impressed and my son got Reserve Grand Champion on his product.  I am impressed with your product and he can't wait to use it to make a river and some bigger water for next year.

I thought that I would let you know how happy we were with your product.  Is there a way for us to order more and have it shipped as it is a little over an hour one way for us to drive to Coloma.
Thank you,
Karen Miller

Absolutely Great!

There's no question about it, I love this product! I've been model railroading for decades. Never tried to model water before. Magic Water is sooo easy and looks absoultely GREAT. Worth every penny. There wasn't enough feedback space to adequately express my thoughts about Majic Water. If you are thinking about modelling water I highly recommend this product.

Chris Cirino

Love it!


I love your product.  I used a layering method to get this.  I also used Woodland Scenics water effects for the ripples.

You’re welcome to display it on your website if you like. -- Ken Kohnke


The Best!

Hi Dave,

 We've tried loads of water products and this is the best - so easy to sell, really! Interestingly, it's very popular with florists over here.

Best wishes


This is from one of my dealers in England.  They specialize in 1/32nd farm modeling.


Hello Dave,

Magic water turned out to be just what I needed to display a Dipper by Handsonceramics. I used 2 X 18 oz. cartons & had only one oz. left , so I was very happy with the end result. I am amazed how hard the water actually sets.

I would most certainly recommend the product & have had no problems with it.

Regards from Bryan Jackson.

Newcastle upon Tyne.