Hickory Creek Falls

Hi, Dave

Last unobstructed shots of the falls. After 2 years, the bridges are finally going in. Will be laying track soon.

The falls were constructed on .015 clear styrene with partially cured Magic Water, Liquitex gel (cured strips, beads and applied wet), acrylic craft paint and some cotton. The pool splash/foam is a mix of Red Devil clear caulk and partially cured Magic Water, painted with a mix of Liquitex iridescent and acrylic white paint. Everything was then clear coated with Krylon Crystal Clear. Shouldn’t yellow in my life time, and should be easy to keep clean. One of the water drops has a little unnatural bend in it toward the bottom, even with the strip of styrene. Only noticeable when looking straight down on the falls, though. If I had it to do over, I would use .020 styrene for such a long fall (9.5in).


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