Letter received March 5th, 2012

Attn: Quality Manager,

Let me take this opportunity to express my EXTREME dissatisfaction with your "Magic Water" product.  I thoroughly mixed the two components per your directions in a clean stainless stell container.  I poured it into the area and have now waited 4 days with no signs of adequate cure.  I work with two part mixes every day.  I am familiar with the intricacies of such.  This product is not going to cure out.  The ambient temp is 68 deg F.  The relative humidity is 55%.  These are optimum curing conditions.  No structuring has taken place.  All that HAS occurred is that your product has made a mess out my layout.  I wish there was a way to recoup the time, expense and frustration that I will be experiencing in the next few weeks.  I do plan on telling as many people as possible in any number of ways about the poor product and my experiences with it.

Bill W.


Dave's response:

3/5/12 Phoned his work number and left a voicemail message and then followed up with this email at his work address:

Hi Bill.  I left you a phone message today in response to the letter you wrote me.

If the product has not set and it was mixed 1 part "A", to 2 parts "B", then it was not mixed thoroughly.  This has happened in the past, which is why I have put an update in every box as well as on my website, reiterating the importance of a complete mix.

It has been an easy fix from the start as I mentioned in my message.  A thin pour over the existing pour takes care of it.  No need to dig out the "soft" pour.

As I said on the phone you are the second person to get mad at me in 6 & 1/2 years of Magic Water business.  The first had a leak.  If you dont have enough product to do the fix, let me know and I will send you some.

Bottom line,  The product does work as anyone who had used it will testify, and anyone who has had a problem has been treated with respect, courtesy, and satisfaction.

Looking forward to your response.


Dave Williams

Note: As of today 4/2/12 I have not heard back from him.  I put my contact info in the box for a reason: please pick up the phone and call me if you are having difficulty or need help!