Really Pleased

Hi, Dave

I wanted you to see this before I went any further. These angles and lighting won’t be possible after the trestles are in. The water is NOTHING BUT MAGIC WATER. Honest. No WS Effects, are any other clear medium. I will probably spot in some Effects around rocks, here and there just for a rougher, higher look. I’ve found that the WS Effects are good for choppy/rough looks, but only the Magic Water gave that smooth, rolling and true movement look . I modified my ripple/movement technique. Instead of pouring a very thin layer of MW, and then “painting” it around while it set up, I found it easier and more effective to mix up a small amount in a cup, let it set up for about 12-14 hours, then paint it on with a craft stick. I had to keep moving it around for about 2-3 hours, though. It would settle out too much. There’s a point in the technique that the MW cure is too far along, and more stirring/painting starts clouding it and trapping bubbles, not to mention that the stuff gets real sticky. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Great stuff! On to the falls.

Thanks, and all the best to you and yours in 2013.