Eagle river


Dave, here is the photo of Eagle River, This is the river that I poured for the symposium in Elkhart, Indiana, in the spring.
One of "my" secrets that I do, to make a rapid flowing river look good, is after I have textured the surface with Woodland Scenecs Water Effects, is to mix a small
amount of Magic Water and paint the entire surface with a small brush......."3 TIMES". It adds another week of time but worth the effort. This softens the 'ripples' that were teased into shape and blends the lines of the textured surface with the smooth flat edges of the river. As you can see in this photo, about half way down on the right side you will see a seamless blend of the ripples to the smooth flat still water, and yet gives the flat water a slight churning look. This also helps by bringing the
water right up to the edges of the rocks that are applied to the surface and sealing under and around each rock. By applying the rocks to the surface of the water it keeps the water from "wicking" up the sides and creating a fillet or radius of water. Painting the last couple of coats, puts the material on the surface so thin that it will not wick, giving a very detailed surface and no filled in corners or radius.
I just haven't gotten around to sending this, the spring has been one of the busiest in years.
Your product amazed so many people there, and my clinic was a complete success, everybody loved the river and so many wanted to know what I used.
Here is a shot looking up stream. There are two abutments for a through truss bridge on the gravel road.
Thanks for your contribution to the hobby.
Maynard Mitchell.