She is right!

Recieved my 'magic water' and have just used it.
I am building my EIGHTH model railway and as I've never found any satisfactory way of constructing a river, I've never had one - until now !

Typical of me, my river feature is eighteen feet long and runs right down one side of the layout. My wife thought I was mad to go for something so big when I've never done one before, but even she says it looks fantastic now its finished and puts it all down to your product - no word of praise for my skills - but that's what wives do isn't it !
Having said that, she IS right, your product is superb, so much so that my prospective son-in-law, who is another keen railway modeller (my daughter's no mug, picking a prospective husband who instantly pleases her dad) is now planning a water feature on his new layout.
Thanks for your product and I'm glad I found you
Dave Joyce (England)