Saved My Sanity

Dear Dave,  

    I recently bought Magic Water from you on Ebay.  As you recall, I was the one who had tried 4 times with Woodland Scenics product and had ended up with a cracked, sticky toxic dump each time, even after writing to the company and using the product that they sent me as a replacement.  Magic Water, on the other hand, dried perfectly, to a beautiful,. clear and shiny finish.  I decided to make it deeper and, holding my breath, poured another layer.  This too dried perfectly.  I had been reluctant to try 2 part mixtures in the past due to my husbands lung problems but there was no unpleasant odor and no mess.  I mixed it for a full ten minutes by the clock each time, according to your directions.

  I could not be happier.  You saved my sanity and my layout because with just one more failure, both would have been in jeopardy.

Thanks again,

Mary Ellen Millbranth