I Am Impressed!

Used your water for the first time.

I had ordered Magic Water as having tried most of the others, cons outdid the pros in most cases.

Here are my impressions...so far:


Super easy to use- 2 part 2 to 1 mix.

Sets up crystal clear.

Flows like thick water when pouring.

No smell, No fumes.

No bubbles.

Want shrink.

Wont yellow.

Single pour (even thought I did mine in 2)

No generated heat.


Only place I found it was online so it took a short while to get here.  $29.95 cost is about 1/3 too high but then again they are all too expensive.

OK my opinions in comparison to the other products like Realistic Water or 2 part epoxy, or that stuff you have to melt.  Magic Water is hands down the best I've tried.