Horror Stories Erased

Hi Dave!

I used your product for the first time on my layout.  It was the first time I've ever done water and it came out fantastic!  All the horror stories I had read about doing water were erased.  I do have one question.  I still have a little resin left that i could mix up to do my next project which is a pond.  If I dont have enough to finish the pond, if it doesnt cover the entire surface, could I then pick up where I left off when I get this new batch?  In other words would there be a parting line where the old and new meet, or would it not be noticeable?  I am very happy with your product.


Jeff McKee

Answer:  You can layer the product at any time without seams being noticeable from above, but they will be slightly noticeable from a side view, as if in a glass.  So for lakes and ponds its not a problem.