Keep Up The Good Work!

Hi Dave, 

    The Magic Water is just great!  Since I have been using it I have had nothing but success.  Mixing is so important as you state in your examples.  We talked about the Magic Water creeping up the banks when you pour it after ground cover is already finished.  Well I used matte medium (full strength) applied with a small brush.  I applied it up the banks about 3/4" and if you look carefully at the photos you can see that the Magic Water did not creep up the bank at any point.  In looking at all the photos that people send in, you can appreciate how many talented people are doing this kind of thing.  I think you have inspired a lot of people (that would normally not attempt scenery making) by showing them that they can create something in miniature and get positive results.

Keep up the good work Dave!

Best regards, Frank Buono