Review from Model Railroader Magazine

This is a reader review published in Madel Railroader 7/10/2008

I ran into MAGIC WATER a few years back at a train show.  I kept seeing the same displays plus newer ones at other train shows and they always looked good, as compared to what I used previously.  My previous material got dull and bubbly.  If the display looked good after a couple of years of banging around I figured I'd give the material a try.

I have used MAGIC WATER on top of an existing "other brand".  MW glossed up the surface.  In new areas, the MW was easy to put down.  After more than a year the surfaces all look great - they are still very glossy and look like water.

I also do one other thing and that is add a very small amount of Darico #1151-27 Metallic Fine Silver Glitter to the surface about 24 hours after the MW is poured.  I live right on a lake and the combination of MW and a glitter is most realistic.  Looks just like sparkles off of real waves.

If you want some really good looking water, take a look at Magic Water.