Very very Cool!


Although I still have a lot to do as for as adding the details I wanted to write and say Thank You!  Thank you for all the help, guidance, and suggestions along the way.  But even more important than that is Thank You for developing such a great product.  I took all your suggestions, like using Durhams water putty to seal everything and sealing the polycarbonate dam on the front.  As for the water itself...WOW!  Could not have been any easier!  I mixed the 2 batches together at the same time, gently stirring for 10 minutes just to be safe, and then just poured!  Like you said the water filled every nook and cranny!  I had put a stream bed mixture of small pebbles and dirt along the shoreline and the water wicked up it like I had hoped.  Now, like you said, it looks wet due to wave action!  Very very cool!  Very neat end product.  Almost like a medium hardness rubber.  Very neat feel to it.  And I cannot believe how clear it is!

Thanks again, Ken