Great Product

Hi Dave, You and I had a conversation many months ago regarding Magic Water. I purchased the product then and was quite happy with it, in fact, my comments on are your testimonials page. Well, I just finished another project and I used your product again. This particular diorama shows a lot of water. Again, I can't tell you how pleased I am with this product. It is everything you say it is and is quite easy to work with. I tinted the water using a Vallejo brown acrylic and am overjoyed with the results. I added a layer of floating oil/scum after Magic Water was completely set up, using weathering washes, and got a very convincing "layered" look. By the way - I have sold quite a bit of your product as I have told my modeling friends about this product. In fact, I have a guy coming over tomorrow to look at this Sherman dio as he wants to know how to do water. Thanks again for a great product! -- Bruce McKinney