Hi Dave, I promised you I would get back to you after I completed my diorama using Magic Water. Well, here I am. You cannot see much of the water in these photo's - but I used two complete "mini" sets. This product is everything you promised!! I treated the sides of theriver bank and cattails and bridge support with diluted flat medium (basicallywhite glue that dries flat from Scenic Express). I got ZERO wicking and the depth of the water looks great. My first layer I actually added acrylic paint to the mixture and got a really nice mud flow effect as the acrylic would not mix with Magic Water (you know this already). I purposely experimented with this knowing the two products would not mix.I added another couple of layers and got some great depth. Most of the water is under the bridge -looks really good. I already toldone of my modeling friends about Magic Water as he does ships. He ordered a kit and reported that he really likes the results. So, I will tell my other modeling buddies in my club (Oregon Historical Modelers Society) to use your product. Like I said, in these photo's you can't see much water.....but you can use these on your website or anywhere else if you find it's something you can use. Thanks again for a great product and XLNT customer service!


Hi Bruce. Got your message.

All liquids will wick. Its just the natural capillary effect of liquids and depends on the porousness of the surfaces.

Firstly I advise doing the water areas first before applying ground covers at the shoreline as it will wick into those, grasses, gravels etc.

Pier and dock pilings or any other things that you might be concerned with can be coated at the waterline with a thinned brush on of Elmers glue to prevent wicking. If the objects aren't porous at all Magic Water will usually leave you with a very nice waterline with little miniscus. It is a very thin product when first poured.

Its like it will wick lots into balsa wood but not a hard wood, metal or plastic.

Hope this helps, if not let me know. You will love the results I assure you, it is truly museum quality, and easy!

Thanks for the interest!