Envirotex vs Magic Water

I have used both Envirotex Lite and Magic Water.I find Envirotex yellows over time but Magic Water does not.

>When I created in 2010 a scene "Harmony" my lake measured 8"x12" x 2"deep (This photo is on my website) I initially started out with Envirotex. I followed the instruction on the bottle because only a small section can be poured at a time, that cured after 24 hours wait however after pouring the second layer and after waiting another 24 hours and more that layer did not cure. I had to use acetone to take all layers out ....what a job. I was pretty discouraged as my project was a week behind already.

>In a nutshell I tested four different brands in a sample tester that I created for this purpose and after much research I came across Magic Water. I found them to be the best. The owner Dave is a model railroader, his mother was a miniature collector, he has made up his own formula and I swear it is amazing, there is no smell and if you follow the instructions you will be guaranteed what you are looking for. His website www.unrealdetails.com

>Judy L, Coquitlam, Canada


Hi All,
I need your opinion on resin water brands. I've been planning a fishing scene in a large glass fishbowl, for about 20 years now. I have everything I need for it, but I can't decide on which brand of resin water to use. Another reason I haven't started it is..... I'm scared to start it. If I mess any step up, the whole thing will be ruined. The water in the fish bowl will be about 5 inches thick, and I will be pouring the resin in layers, because I will be adding fish and other things as various levels. It's based on the Norman Rockwell painting Gone Fishing.
I was planning on using Envirotex Lite, I've used this many times before with success. I know it yellows over time, but I don't think this will matter since it's a lake, and I'm going to color the water a bit anyways.
I've also recently heard of Magic Water but have never used it.
So....if you have used BOTH of these brands before, Envirotex Lite and Magic Water, I need your opinion on them, pros and cons.
Thanks so much! Connie Sauve