Thanks for the fast response Dave. I look forward to working with your product, and I must tell you that I am floored by your awesome customer service.


Paul Hendren

Hi Paul! Thanks for writing. Where the water areas come to the edge I recommend using smooth plastic to dam the edge and hold the water. Any rigid plastic will do, hobby stores have it from Plastruct and Evergreen, but you might find some scrap from some packaging etc. to use. This will give you a nice straight edge. Cut the plastic tall enough to contain the water and run a bead of clear silicone caulk along the facing edge of the base and affix the strip of plastic with masking tape. You should now be watertight and can pour the Magic Water. After it has set the plastic can be peeled off easily. If you find that the edge isn't as clear as you would like you can do a brush on of Magic Water to improve the clarity when viewing from the side. Hope this helps, call me if you need to, Im just across the state from you.

Thanks again!

Dave Williams 269-468-7434

Subject: Magic water advice

Howdy, I plan to use Magic water for a diorama. I am looking to do something a bit different though. My water feature will be in the corner of the diorama. I would like to have the water visible through the side edge of the diorama. So, basically I need to build a frame, and then remove the frame once the water dries.

My frame will be made of wood. I can coat the wood with something that Magic water wont stick to, Or maybe I can "line" the wood with something to prevent the Magic water from bonding with the wood frame. I was thinking maybe wax paper or aluminum foil or something like that.

As a last resort, I can use a band saw to cut away the part of the Magic water that has stuck to the wood frame.

Your suggestions/ideas for things that the M/W will not stick to, are greatly appreciated.