Hi Dave,

Thanks foryour quick reply - much appreciated.

I will do the second pour, and when I have completed the area, send you photos. For some time,I felt that simulating a water scene on my layout was a feature I could never achieve. Your product changed all that. So thanks again for helping to add to my skill set in this wonderful hobby of model railroading.

Cheers...... John

Yes John. Make sure you really mix the 2 thoroughly, that's why its setting unevenly, but its a good time to pour again. Send phots. Happy new year!


Hi Dave,

Happy New Year to you and yours.

I have just completed my first pour of Magic Water, and must say how pleased I am with your product. It is so easy to use and produces very realistic results.

I have one question. The first coat was applied approximately 48 hours ago and many areas are completely cured and not sticky. Can I pour a second coat even if the first coat in some of the deeper areas is still slightly 'sticky' on the top surface?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

John Colliver, AUSTRALIA