Hello Dave,


I finished a new miniature model several days ago and was able to test Magic Water. It was very successful. I followed directions carefully and stirred for a good 20 minutes and then poured. It started setting up about 10 hours later – just at bedtime, so I was unable to try any of the effects to show moving water. By the time I got up the next morning, it had “hardened” and looked GREAT. I was pleased.


Here are some photos:


The next day I mixed a new batch and added color to test how it might cover up some of my previous miniature models where the water had turned yellow. Fantastic success! Even a very thin covering works well – which is good to know, because I don’t have more space on quite a few of them. It’s much better when I can add at least an 1/8 of an inch.


Now that I have tried it, the main part I need to learn to work with will be “effects”. Since I know how long before it begins setting up, I know about the time when to pour it – so I’ll still be up/awake when it’s time to begin the work.


Overall, I’m very happy with the results and I think your product is excellent. If I’m still living in about 4 more years, I hope to be able to write you another letter saying “... and it didn’t turn yellow”.


I will be ordering more in the near future.


Thanks and best regards,



Gene Gill Miniatures


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