We just made it easier to model water! Magic Water™ introduces Preformed Lakes and Ponds. Vacuum formed from durable styrene Plastic, you can simply transfer the enclosed stencil "profile" of your Magic Water™ pond or lake to your location, whatever the surface may be, cut out the area for the shape and glue it in with Liquid Nails or equivalent. You may want to detail your pond or lake before installing it. Paint the bottom as I have done in the picture simulating depth using a lighter color along the shoreline. I used rattle cans of Hunter Green and buff. Nothing fancy. Glue in your weeds, docks, deadwood, stones, etc. Now you can the pour the Magic Water™.

Nice thing about doing it this way is that its easier to detail, and as the Magic Water™ is setting up you can tilt the entire project from side to side at the right time, usually around 12 to 16 hours, and achieve a very natural undulation, simulating ripples and waves, as I did on the little ocean island diorama. We have 7 shapes available. The measurements and names are in the pictures. Make your choice of Little Paw Paw Lake, Magician LakeCrooked Lake, Mushroom Lake, Long Lake, Pipestone Lake W/Bass Island, and our NEW MINI PONDS.  As always, "Have Fun"!