Modeling water from Unreal Details is the most realistic artificial water available for your modeling projects

Magic Water photo Judy Lauson jl6One of the best ways to spend time with your kids is in creating projects, by hand from start to finish with them. What could be more fun than creating model scenes with your kids? Creating model scenes with your kids gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment! If you’re not careful it may do the same for you too!


Forget television and video games and do something fun and new by getting your hands dirty and making something unique! Making miniature worlds is a great way to get to know your kids by taking the time to understand your child’s dreams and aspirations. It creates a great space to share your experiences, your dreams and what you hope for your children. Of course the same applies to all you grandparents out there!


The sky's the limit when it comes to creating model scenes. Why not go for an ocean scene, a lake scene, or a river scene? When it comes to creating a quality artificial water product, Magic Water has it down. So you want to know how to model water in the most realistic way possible? Well the worst way to go about modeling you water feature is with an installed sheet of rippled glass. The best way is to use Unreal Details’ Magic Water! If you are having a hard time getting your desired artificial water look, you are welcome to call or email Magic Water. After much time and dedication, Magic Water, has devised the best modeling water out there.


What your kids really want is your time and attention. They want to do things with you; they want to be part of your life. Start making good memories now! Children love learning new things; why not show them how to model water in your ocean scene? Modeling water in interesting ways can be fun and exciting!


Now that you have the right tools, get out there and create model scenes with your kids or grandchildren! You will not regret spending time getting to know the little ones in your life. Turn off the television and create a model scene. Get a glimpse at the ambitions and loves of your children and grandchildren today!