Dave –

Thanks a million for the quick response.  I’ll forge forward!

And they’re not just kind words, they’re true.  I had a lot of “water” on my former Bona Vista layout.   In Year One I poured a 4-foot river using Enviro-Tex Lite.  No tinting or anything – I wanted pristine, “cleaner than clean” water on my layout.  I also poured a test of the Enviro-Tex into a small Dixie cup.

By Year Five that river was the color of diluted root beer – anything but what I wanted.  Friends blamed the fluorescent lights until I showed them the Dixie cup, which had been stored away inside of a rarely opened cupboard.  It was also “diluted root beer.” 

Naturally, in the intervening 5 years I’d also used Enviro-Tex to pour a square-foot-sized lake, and another small stream.  Those started going brown, too.

That’s when I switched to Magic Water and used that to pour two more rivers, plus a Dixie cup test.  When I demolished the layout during Year Twelve, all the Enviro-Tex water was “diluted root beer,” whereas the two Magic Water streams were as pristine as the day I poured them.  I still have both Dixie cups – one contains diluted root beer, the other contains crystal clear water.

I’ll never go back!

Thanks again,



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